This module provides the ability to use date field type as Product Attributes.

NOTE: If you're using date field with start and end date, you need to apply a patch provided with this module, named as "commerce_cart-date_field_with_end_date.patch"



To install, place the entire commerce_attributes_date folder into your site's module directory.
From the Drupal administration section, go to Administer => Modules
and enable the Commerce Attributes Date module and its dependencies.


Before you start using this module, you will need to configure date field type to be allowed to use as product variation attributes.
To select date field type to be used as attributes, follow below steps:

  1. Go to Administer -> Store Settings -> Commerce attributes Date
  2. Select date field type in "Allow attributes to"
  3. Enter the product reference field machine name in "Product Reference Field Name". Currently supports only one product reference field.
  4. Select date format to use "Date format" for showing dates.
    NOTE: This format will be used while displaying the date on product page.
  5. Click on Save Configuration.

Once you've configured date as allowed field types, navigate to manage field section in your product variation. Add field of date type in Commerce product variation. On field configuration page, navigate to "Attribute field settings" section and configure field to be used as attributes by selecting "Enable this field to function as an attribute field on Add to Cart forms" checkbox.

Known incompatibilities

  1. The module only works with one product reference field.


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