Commerce Addressbook is a module that allows authenticated customers to reuse
previously entered addresses during checkout.
They can manage all entered addresses in their user panel (user/%user/addressbook).

Note that for data consistency reasons editing a previously entered address
won't change it on previously made orders.


  • Enable the Commerce Addresbook module.
  • Visit the admin/commerce/config/checkout page and configure any customer profile checkout panes (such as "Billing information") to use the addressbook.
  • The "Addresses on File" select list should now automatically be attached to the checkout form.

Updating from Addressbook 1.x

Commerce Addressbook 7.x-2.0-rc2 now contains an upgrade path. Read the README for instructions.


Commerce 1.2 has a bug that causes duplication problems in certain cases (for example, when you've added fields to a customer profile that has addressbook enabled).
There's a patch you can use to prevent that in: #1308754: The customer profile duplication code has numerous edge cases that cause profiles to be needlessly duplicated.

You can see a screencast about the module here.

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