This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

A bare-bones reduction of Yet Another Time Tracker that simply adds a field to any comment form allowing users to enter a time value. Also provides Views handlers to show times associated with comments.

YATT is a promising tool, but has a very specific implementation (basically bound to Case Tracker), massive incompatibilities with other comment-related modules (such as Comment Driven), and does not seem to be actively maintained. In addition to being useful in its own right, CommenTT is simple enough that other developers should be able to use it as a template for adding fields to comment forms.

Note that about 90% of the code in this module was written by the authors of YATT.

Development / maintenance policy

I have no immediate plans / funding for further development. There is a new module, Time Tracker, that appears to be a full-featured replacement for this one.

Project information