This module provides RSS feeds for comments. This is useful for allowing readers to subscribe to comments for a blog post, article, or forum topic. It currently provides three types of feeds which pair up to the RSS features provided by Drupal built-in. Each type of comment feed may be disabled if unneeded.

  • complete site feed at /crss
  • per node feeds at eg. /crss/node/12
  • per term feeds at eg. /crss/term/14

Comment feeds provide an alternative to email subscriptions, allowing users to monitor discussions without having to provide their email address. Due to the limited capabilities of RSS, threading is not preserved and the comments are listed in reversed time order.

Want more types of feeds? The Drupal 6 version of Views module includes fine support for generating feeds of arbitrary lists of comments based on whatever filters desired, so this module is not going to grow to have more configuration options. You should be able to create whatever type of comment feeds you'd like to have (including those this module provides) with Views 2 for Drupal 6. This module keeps to be a simple core-complement module for Drupal's built-in feeds.

Supporting organizations: 
Drupal 8 porting and maintenance.

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