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IMPORTANT - This module is no longer supported - Use Comment Notify instead if you are a new user or migrate to it if you are already using Comment Subscribe. We have created a simple migration script. Please see below for instructions.

About Comment Subscribe

This module allows anonymous as well as registered users to subscribe to individual comments of given node. When a user, either anonymous or registered, posts a comment, he/she can subscribe to that comment and will be notified of replies to that comment. Notifications will have a teaser of the node and a link to the comment. Notifications will also have links that will allow the user to unsubscribe from notifications for that particular comment or unsubscribe from notification for all his/her comments on that node. The development of this project was funded by Zyxware Technologies

Why is this module no longer supported?

This module was developed as a fork from Comment Notify, when that module was not being maintained. Comment Notify is currently being actively maintained and supported by greggles and ourselves and we have decided to merge this module with Comment Notify upholding the principles of Drupal community. We have stopped supporting this module and are actively offering our support for Comment Notify. Both modules have identical comment subscription functionalities for your site visitors and we therefore recommend you to use Comment Notify if you are a new user or migrate to Comment Notify if you are an existing user of Comment Subscribe.

Migrating from Comment Subscribe to Comment Notify

To make the migration seamless we have provided an update that will move your existing Comment Subscribe data to Comment Notify. The following are the steps to migrate without causing any inconvenience to your users.

1). Take site offline.
2). Upload the latest Comment Notify module and enable the module.
3). Upload the latest Comment Subscribe module (6.x-1.4) and overwrite existing files.
4). Run update.php and run the Comment Subscribe update.
5). Disable the Comment Subscribe module.
6). Bring site back online.
7). If everything looks fine you can uninstall Comment Subscribe at your convenience.

Thanks for all the users and supporters

We at Zyxware Technologies would like to thank all the users and supporters of Comment Subscribe for using the module and helping us in troubleshooting problems, identifying bugs and providing fixes to the module. Thanks to all of you who have helped us in building this wonderful module. If you have been satisfied with the module and would like us to work for you for your next drupal project you can contact us through our website - We will continue to support all of you through the Comment Notify module. Thank you once again and see you at Comment Notify.

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