This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Since my lacking time for this is unlikely to get better soon, I ceased development of this module. If you'd like to take over (or fund the required time), drop a line!

This module extends Drupal's built-in comment functions with the following features and config options, each one per node type:

  • Improved page title on reply and quote form pages.
  • User-friendly, thread-specific comment IDs like you know them from most other blog systems (#1, #2, #2.1). This feature is inspired by and was originally requested by neRok - Thanks!
  • A true comment permalink function similar to and even better than the one shipped with Drupal 7. While the path http://basepath/comment/id simply calls the related node page in D7, the improved comment menu callback in comment_plus redirects to http://basepath/node/nodeID?page=pagenum#comment-commentID and thus even avoids SEO punishment for duplicate content while also jumping to the related comment anchor.
  • Set a minimum character or word count for comments.
  • (Instant) replying to a node or comment optionally creates a @username#userid tag which can be processed by the included in-reply-to format filter and will then link to the referring node or comment.
  • Comment subject fields may be configured as required.
  • Subject defaults may be configured per node type, including prefixes like Re:.
  • Comment link titles may be changed per node type, you may e.g. have a label reply instead of add comment for forum posts.
  • Basic wysiwyg support.

The included comment_plus_js module additionally enables AJAX based instant replies for node types with the comment form on the node view page.

Dependencies, requirements, recommendations

  • Core comment module must be enabled.
  • JS callback handler is generally recommended for better performance.
  • This module is required by Quote plus and works perfectly with (and of course without) it as it is a quote plus split-off.


Originally the comment_plus functions were included in quote_plus. As features grew, it was time to separate pure quoting tasks from additional comment features which lead to this module.

Installation and configuration

Please note: If you had Quote plus previously installed please do not install Comment plus before you have read and followed the installation and update hints on the Quote plus page!

  1. Make sure core comment module is active.
  2. Install and enable comment_plus the standard way.
  3. Configure additional settings for each of your node types.
  4. Reconfigure your input formats. Note the new in-reply-to filter. Ideally place it after the HTML filter.


A D7 port will follow as soon as this module has achieved beta status.

Developer support

The comment_plus_js module introduces an Ajax menu callback which serves JSON formatted data for instant replies. See README.txt and the function comments in the code. If you need additional hooks to create individual extensions, just open a feature request.

Related modules

The Comment easy reply module addresses some similar tasks but uses basically different approaches. Also, it puts more weight on the Javascript side while Comment plus aims to provide fallback functionality wherever possible. However, you should not run Comment plus and Comment easy reply at the same time.

Comments and issues are welcome. Enjoy.

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