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This module displays a customizable message at the bottom of a comment when it has been edited. The message by default is wrapped into a div, but it can be overridden by implementing the theme function theme_comment_edited() in your theme. Also there is a configuration option which forces the module to print this message into the $comment->comment_edited variable instead of the $comment->comment, so you have more freedom in where to place the message.

If you are looking for general comment enhancements, please take a look at the advanced comment module.


Themers are now able to place the comment edited message elsewhere. For this select the "Use template" option in the configuration page, then in your preprocess function use the $comment->comment_edited property. It contains the themed messages.

A new theme function is responsible to render both of the messages now: theme_comment_edited_messages($messages)


  • Replace core comment submitted timestamp with the date the comment was created (original behaviour: the timestamp updates with every edit).
  • Append an "Edited by ... at ..." message when a comment gets edited
  • Allow another type of edit, called "hidden edit" for moderators (so "Moderated by ... at ..." messages can be displayed too).
  • Configurable message templates.
  • Time limited editing: allow administrators to set an time period during which comments are editable. It comes with permission for each content type to skip this edit restriction, so moderators can operate still.

Developed by LongLake Studio

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