This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides a "colorpicker" form element for CCK forms, and also for module developers to utilize. A colorpicker field is a textfield with a colorpicker button that brings up the Farbastic color widget that comes included with Drupal. (Support for additional third-party color pickers is planned.)

To use this module, simply enable it. Colorpicker-aware modules will then display a colorpicker field instead of a plain textfield where appropriate. And as a site creator making new content types, you now have a CCK colorpicker field at your disposal.

To learn how to take advantage of Colorpicker in your own modules, see the included README.txt and the colorpicker_example.module.

The Colorpicker project welcomes contributors who can help maintain, improve, and extend the module. There are lots of third-party colorpickers out there, and we'd love to support as many as we can. Other form field styles (HSB, CMYK, etc.) are also under consideration.

[The colorpicker_cck.module is new code, but it should be stable. Please send us your issues, and be sure to read the release notes for the Drupal 6 release.]

The jQuery Colorpicker module is an alternative to this one. It's highly likely these projects will merge in the near future.

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