This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The colophon module shows a list of links for all enabled modules as well as themes used in your Drupal installation to a site visitor when they click on an icon on your page.

This enables you to give credit for Drupal and all the supporting modules and themes.

You can add your own text message and also make notes at the modules and themes sections.
You can choose to view modules or themes or both.
When you've enabled the module, the colophon can be directly linked as "".
You can put a link anywhere on your page by using the colophon block. A selection of Drupal icons and banners are available which you can use as a link inside the block. Alternatively, you can use your own custom text or description instead of an icon banner.

This module is based on the code snippet found here:

This module is intended to show information to the site visitor. There are other modules available that will give the site developer more information about the installation:
Enabled Modules
Site Documentation

Ability to upload own icons and banners.
Sort modules by project.
Port to Drupal 7

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