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This module provides the ability to retrieve data from your CollectiveAccess collection management system (, using Drupal as a frontend to make (parts of) your collection available to the public.

This module no longer works with the changed web services in CollectiveAccess 1.3

Functionality overview:

  • UI to manage connections to one or more CollectiveAccess instances
  • Ability to connect to the web services via several technologies
    (only connection via SOAP is implemented at this point)
  • Provides API for retrieving CollectiveAccess data programmatically
    x Object basic data and attributes
    x Object representations (primary images & all images)
    x Relations to an object (collections, entities, ...)
    x Sets

Add-on modules:

The following modules provide extra functionality on top of this API module:


There will be both a Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 version of this module.
The Drupal 7 version is the main development branch.
Most features will be available in both versions, but functionality that requires Drupal 7 specific APIs or dependencies will not be backported.

Dependencies & integration

The Drupal 7 CollectiveAccess module is dependent on:

The Drupal 6 CollectiveAccess module is dependent on:

More information

If you are interested in helping us push this project forward, want to give feedback or have more questions regarding our plans, please feel free to contact me!

Sponsor / Acknowledgements:

This module is sponsored by - CollectiveAccess & Drupal SaaS solution, created by Pure Sign.
Pure Sign can be contacted for paid customizations of this module as well as Drupal and CollectiveAccess consulting and development.

The Drupal 7 version of the module was realized with the support of Lukas.
The Drupal 6 version of the module was realized with the support of Vlaamse Kunstcollectie.

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