Logo Coffee = alt + d
Screenshot: Coffee opened in D8

The Coffee module helps you to navigate through the Drupal admin faster, inspired by Mac apps Alfred and Spotlight.

Ever wanted to navigate in the admin with your keyboard? Coffee is the solution. Just type alt+d to start Coffee and type ahead for the page you want to visit.

How it works

See Coffee in action on http://buildamodule.com/video/advanced-site-building-in-drupal-7-how-to-... or http://codekarate.com/daily-dose-of-drupal/drupal-7-coffee-module

How to use it

Toggle Coffee using the keyboard shortcut alt + D
(alt + shift + D in Opera, alt + ctrl + D in Windows Internet Explorer). You can also use use the alternative alt + k.

Type the first few characters of the task that you want to perform. Coffee will try to find the right result in as less characters as possible. For example, if you want to go the the Appearance admin page, type ap and just hit enter.

If your query returns multiple results, you can use the arrow up/down keys to choose the result you were looking for.

This will work for all admin pages. In addition to that, there is the :add command to quickly add content of a specific content type.

For a detailed demo, have a look at the Coffee Drupal module in action screencast made by bertboerland

Custom commands / hooks for developers

You can define your own commands in your module with hook_coffee_command(); see coffee.api.php for further documentation.

Note: In version 7.x-2.x the hook_coffee_command() is replaced by hook_coffee_commands(), to support the autocompletion functionality.

Coffee 8.x-dev

The 8.x is currently under active development, it is usable. Please test it out an file an issue if you find one.


Module development is sponsored by Immer

Keywords: keyboard shortcuts, keyboard navigation, shortcut, navigation, search, autocomplete.

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