Initial development sponsored by Trellon.
Coder Tough Love REQUIRES Coder 6.x-2.x-dev.

Coder Tough Love is a companion to the existing Coder module by Doug Green. Unlike Coder, which strives to follow the documented style guidelines of Drupal core, Coder Tough Love takes the tougher tactic of applying finely aged and obsessively anal wisdom from years of Drupal development and persnickety quality control.

Part of the reason for this module's creation was to obsess over my own code: I claim no higher standard than myself, but even I am infinitely fallible. Likewise, as chx and I wrote Drupal Tough Love reviews, we found ourselves repeating suggestions from module to module, and a few of our critiques could have been automated, leaving us to focus on more important design issues. You should expect some false positives with Coder Tough Love, but I'd still want you to report them as bugs so I can continue to tighten the analysis.

More information about the following reviews are available in the README.txt:

  • Proper documentation is needed for this mysterious blackhole.
  • If you define a @param or @return, you should document it as well.
  • Doxygen uses @todo and @bug to markup things to be done.
  • Separate comments from comment syntax by a space.
  • Remove the empty commented line in your function documentation.
  • Function documentation should be less than 80 characters per line.
  • Function summaries should be one line only.
  • @param and @return syntax does not indicate the data type.
  • @param and @return descriptions begin indented on the next line.
  • Core uses "e-mail" in end-user text and "mail" elsewhere (database, function names, etc.)
  • Core uses "web server" in end-user text.
  • "Module" should rarely be capitalized as part of a module's proper name.
  • Use sentence case, not title case, for end-user strings.
  • An unknown or misspelled word has been detected on this line.
  • Use the matching Drupal theme functions, not raw HTML.
  • Use Drupal's format_date(), not PHP's default date().
  • Use PHP's master function, not an alias.
  • Administrative menu items should have a description.

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