Cmood (content mood) helps to know the mood of user who posted the content on the website. The content mood is calculated by pre defined mood words along with the ranking words.

Usage: This module helps site admins or administrators to calculate the mood of user who submitted a node.
For every node created, this module calculates a mood for that particular node and stores it or updates it.

Site admin must add words for which he wants the mood of content can be calculated. He must also add rank words for increasing the mood by rank number of times.

For example: If site admin adds a mood word "good" with a weight of +2 and a rank word "very" with weight of +3, Then if a node title or body contains a word or phrase with "very good" then a mood is calculated which equals to 6 (3 * 2 = 6). If the title and body contains only word "good" then a mood will be calculated which equals to 2.

Sample: If a user creates a node which contains a text of "Hi, I am a very good boy. And I have a good smile.", then taking into the above word and rank weights the mood is calculated which equals to (3 * 2) + 2 = 8.

There are no modules available for evaluating the mood of content posted in the drupal site. By the help of this module site admins can know and analyse what kind of content exists or posted in the site.

Site admin can choose content type for calculation of mood in the cmood settings form.

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