This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

CloudMade is a set of services for building maps and map applications that utilizes OpenStreetMap data. This project provides integration between Drupal and CloudMade.


This project is very young and still getting its wings. The goal is to be a very lightweight integration point between Drupal and CloudMade. The idea is to have a very basic main module that holds the developers key, then have a module for the Maps Lite API and the PHP CloudMade Library.

Sub Modules and Features

Maps Lite
The CloudMade Maps Lite is a lightweight Javascript tool for embedding CloudMade maps into a webpage. This module provides integration with Drupal so that is becomes easy to have maps on pages and blocks.

Related Module

  • OpenLayers: This module provides a much more robust mapping solution and can bring in CloudMade tiles, but can be a bit more complex.

Project Information