• Designed for practicing: students can take as many attempts as they like.
  • Many feedback options, feedback can change with attempts.
  • Many question types.
  • Questions can be added anywhere in a site.
  • Only Questions. Ordering questions in a quiz or case is done by a separate module.

Related Projects

  • Proteus is way of presenting questions to a student. Proteus uses a changing student model to determine what question to ask next.
  • Linear Case is way of presenting questions to a student. A Linear Case is a book where students can not navigate past the last question they have not answered correctly yet.
  • Closed Question Scoreboard is a way of presenting question results to students or teachers. It can also be used as a starting point in a kind of quiz.
  • Closed Question Essay provides a "long-form" writing question type, with separated paragraphs.


See the README.txt (6.x-2.x, 7.x-2.x) for detailed requirements.

If you get "Class... not found" errors, clear the drupal cache in /admin/settings/performance.


If you have the Advanced Help module installed, documentation can be found in your site at: /admin/advanced_help/closedquestion

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