This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Image of screenshot module display.

This module adds a colored banner to the top and bottom of every page on your site indicating the Department of Defense level of content classification.

The four available levels are:

  1. Unclassified (Green)
  2. Classified (Yellow)
  3. Top Secret (Red)
  4. Custom

The custom level allows you to select your banner color as Green, Yellow, or Red, and allows you to insert your own custom text instead of using the pre-determined text.

It is available for Drupal 6 right now, but a Drupal 7 version should be on the way soon.

I haven't had time to update this module to 7 yet, but a similar module exists, Site Banner. If you need a Drupal 7 solution, you should check that module out.

This module is being created to serve the United States Intelligence Community, namely The Department of Defense through The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and development is sponsored by Radiant Blue Technologies

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