This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Class modules are currently under heavy development.
I am currently working to remove and / or require dependencies between all of the class modules,
clean up the default views, etc.

These modules currently are not ready for installation in a standard Drupal site, as
they were developed as a group and have other dependencies and requirements.

The class module provides a simple class node type based on og.
A class consist of:
1. Properties such as grade level and syllabus
2. Views such as classes I am taking, classes I am teaching
3. A virtual role API for teacher/student roles.
This is required for the assigned_node functionality of
class_assignments, and for the 'my assignments' view.

This module been donated to the Drupal community by Teachers Without Borders,
who received a grant from Cisco Philanthropy to create a suite of
content and collaboration tools for teachers.
Teachers Without Borders ( hired Osoft (
to develop the TWB toolset, available for free for TWB Members.
Please join TWB (it's free) in order to provide feedback
and help us improve the TWB Toolset.
For inquiries, contact Fred Mednick, Founder of Teachers Without Borders:

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