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This module will create a plugin for CKEditor that will provide a direct auto-embed functionality, Just paste the link in your editor and it will be automatically embedded, It's very much similar to the WordPress behaviour.

By default we're using the ParserApp embedding service, which pretty much can embed anything, even normal articles, Please check the Parser project for more information. You can change the service from CKEditor AutoEmbed Service in the configurations page (admin/config/content/ck_autoembed).


  • Just download and enable the module and of course it's dependent on CKEditor, and don't forget to enable the plugin from the CKEditor configuration page (admin/config/content/ckeditor/edit/Full) under the "EDITOR APPEARANCE" section under "Plugins" just check the "Plugin to provide an AutoEmbed functionality for ckeditor." option and save.
  • You can change the embedding service from CKEditor AutoEmbed Service config page (admin/config/content/ck_autoembed).
  • Please note that this plugin needs a Full HTML text formatter or you can enable some specific HTML tags in your text formatter:
    - <iframe>
    - <object>
    - <script>
    - <embed>

What makes it different from any other embedding modules?

This module provides you with a CKEditor plugin that will allow you to embed videos, tweets, sounds or any article directly within your editor, from our research we noticed that the other embedding module do that only after submitting the node.


This project is sponsored by YAAB

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