Some exmaples of Cincopa galleries
Create galleries, slideshow, music and video playlist

Cincopa is The only module you need for all your media needs. Use Cincopa to easily add videos, photo galleries, slideshows, music and playlists and much more. Enjoy more than 100 designed templates for slideshows, video players, Cooliris, Lightbox and many more.

New products are constantly being built by developers on the Cincopa platform, covering all sorts of things you can do with your media - like posting, sharing, synchronizing, listening, mobilizing, uploading, viewing and all-together-socializing.

You can find the full and updated list of available options here:

If you want to display rich, dynamic content, without fuddling with endless display modules (lightboxes, various galleries, audio players, etc.) - This module is for you. Give it a try - you'll love it.

Please note: This module disables the caching of the body of nodes using the configured input format. If you don't plan to use these tags often, or have performance concerns, you could create a new Input Format, and be more selective as to where this input filter is used.

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