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Chrono is a fixed width Theme with one sidebar on the right side developed by undpaul Drupal development. We use a variation of it on which is a local Drupal Community page.

There are some - say limitations, say must-do's to make it look its best:

  1. It _needs_ some primary links (horizontal top menu) because the strong color of them is needed for optical balance. See Screenshot and reference site above.
  2. It is very happy with colored images in the content area. Other it may be fine, but a bit boring.
  3. It is also very happy with a populated right column. Only one tiny menu is not much. I included an alternative version of the header, so you can leave out the gradient on the right sidebar if you don't like it (alternative header because the gradient has overlap with the header).
  4. Don't make the title of your site too long, or the transparent bar gets into the face of poor buddha. This is a design sin :)
  5. I think it is apt better for blogging or a straight structure than for a content-heavy site with many blocks, but it may be whatever you like.
  6. Have fun! If you do variations of it, drop me a line, I am curious what one can do with it.

The name Chrono is inspired by a mixture of the words monochrome and the greek God Kronos. Other connotations welcome...

Marked as beta because I want to do quite some optimizing and cleaning up on it. Plans are inclusion of Color module (the header will remain b/w, only other colors affected), more block designs, different subpage designs, a choice of images for the header, refining and cleanup. If using advanced forum try the "naked" theme of adv_forum which we use and I find blends almost seamlessly with the site without tweaking. We'll see how much of this big plans will see the light...

If you find design issues, I am open to discuss and solve them in the issue queue, along with all other issues, of course.

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