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The Board Block

A module to allow two players to play chess in Drupal.

Two players, specified at node creation time in a user list field, are selected to play a game of chess. Anonymous users, or non-players will see the node and the current state of the board. The players will see a move form, if it is their move. This form allows the player to select a piece, and make a move.

6.x Release

There are no known bugs at the moment. Please report any errors you may encounter.

Current features:

  • Large display of chess-board in the node-view itself including recent moves (configurable by the admin) and forms for moving/undoing as appropriate
  • "Outstanding Moves" Block
  • "Random-Game" Block
  • Castle, En-passant, and Queening moves (queening is limited to Queen atm)
  • Move validation.
  • Last-Move- and Check-Highlighting
  • CSS-Styles for easy customisation
  • Rules-Integration - send e-mails on moves etc.

You will need to decide if you are check-mate/or you surrender, to end a game (anything else would probably pose heavy load on server). Any legal moves can be made (and undoed) - with the queening-limitation mentioned above.


The game does not perform any validation on the move, other than to confirm that the player moves the correct colour piece. It is up to the player to ensure a legal move is performed.

The module will support in the future:

  • Option to show captured pieces
  • Option to show board state for previous moves
  • Display time between moves
  • Display to all visitors to the page which colour is to move next - Done
  • Move editing
  • Queening
  • Replay a full match
  • Some display changes also (board and move form need tweaking) - Partially Finished
  • Option to set the starting state - see:

Features introduced in Drupal 6 will hopefully will be backported to the Drupal 5 version soon.

Chess Pieces

Chess pieces are now included in the release. The directory the module looks for the images is now the default directory for the pieces. If the user changes the pieces, but wants to keep the originals also, the settings page also allows for the directory to be changed, but you must follow the structure used for the default images.

Chess pieces are releasesed under the GPL licence, and can be downloaded individually from the wikipedia entry on chess (click on the images of the chess pieces, and the page that opens will have download links). You can also download the chess pieces from the following link: Chess Pieces.


Eoin Bailey, authored this module. NOTE: I have let this module fall by the wayside as I've been working on other projects. I've moved to Drupal 6 now, and I will be back to this module, working on the Drupal 6 version that MGN submitted. I've also learned lots more about theming, so the requests to make the page look nicer, that should be dealt with now!

MGN became co-maintainer and has made the initial Drupal 6 port with some new features.

Tim_O became co-maintainer and has added multiple features to the D6 port. He is working towards a release for D6.

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