The chatblock in action, embedded in a page.

This module provides an on site chat, located in a block.

Chatblock focuses on simplicity. It does not require additional resources like IRC, Java or flash and although it is thoroughly built with Javascript, it even works basically in no-script environments. While other modules provide much more flexibility and manifold functions, chatblock aims to be easy to handle, compact and save as much server CPU as possible.


  • Easy to set up, simple to use.
  • Ideal for any site that needs no more than *one* generic chat room.
  • As the chat comes as a block, it can be easily placed anywhere on your site.
  • Configurable chat history (which automatically cleans up on cron runs).
  • Optionally, some basic smiley codes transform into graphical smileys and links become clickable.
  • Basic fallback functionality for users with Javascript disabled.
  • Separate chat log page.


Quick setup guide

  • Activate the module.
  • Place the chatblock it into a region of your choice, define the role and site in- or exclusions in the block configuration.
  • Configure chat options in the admin section.
  • Set user permissions to determine who may see and who may join the chat.
  • Chat!


Both will be automatically detected and integrated with and will result in a massive performance gain.

Known issues

  • Due to its internal design, the chatblock's submit button (labeled 'send' in the untranslated version) will cause odd behaviours with the hide submit module. It is recommended that you add the following line to the form id exclusion list in the Advanced section of the hide submit settings page:


    This will protect the button from unwanted effects.

  • Note that this module is apparently not compatible with block or static caching. Consider this carefully if your site uses static page caching like boost or one of the several content access modules.

Current status / roadmap

Drupal 6
Security fixes until Drupal 8 is out.
Drupal 7
Current main branch. Ocasionally maintained.
Drupal 8
Unlikely. If someone wants to...

Update notes (important!)

  • If you are updating the 6.x branch from a release older than November, 2011, many configuration items have changed (few have been dropped). Although there are update functions which track the most important changes (also with the database), it is recommended to perform a complete uninstall cycle before copying the latest files to your modules folder and activating it again (you will lose all your prior settings). This will not repeat in the future, but there were some deeper modifications needed to fully comply with the Drupal 6 API.
  • Make sure that you copy the chatblock.php file from the module directory to your Drupal roor directory on every update as it will not be copied automatically (on updates).

However, please take some time to check the new confguration options after an update.

Similar modules

You can easily find lots of chat extensions on The most important module that does not rely on additional libraries or external resources as IRC or Java applets is Chat Room which you may consider when looking for a very scalable module that offers far more than one simple chat, private chats etc.


Originally created by dwees, doitDave took over to rework the D6 branch and added one for D7.

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