Character sheet provides features to allow for character sheets in an online RP environment. This system is intended to facilitate old fashioned tabletop gaming in an online environment - it is not (currently) intended to operate as a back end for a flash game or other computer regulated system.

This system provides an API to allow other modules to create and manage* additional fields on the character sheet. This API is intended to serve the purpose of whatever automation or computerized regulation is required to implement a specific game system.

This module is dependent on Features and Workflow. That's because these two modules are ideal for handling moderation queues and tracking additional fields for your specific game system. Use Workflow to moderate sheets.

Since this system is driven by standard fields, you will also be able to use Views, Rules, and other modules. Please do so, they will allow you to slice into your data in much more refined ways than this module currently allows.

Similar projects:

* As in chargen and smart sheets that handle math.

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