A module for issuing PDF certificates to users upon completion of a set of conditions. Supports quizzes from the quiz module and pageviews of book pages from the book module out of the box.


  • Generates PDF certificates for each user when they have met a set of conditions.
  • Allow certificate creators to create their own PDF templates for the certificates (see README.txt)
  • Contains several blocks for notifying the users of their progress.
  • Supports generating DRM-protected PDF certificates to avoid tampering.
  • Does some rudimentary (and optional) organic groups integration (more to come).
  • Stores the certificates in a private folder outside of Drupals files/ folder, so you do not have to have private files enabled in Drupal.
  • Very fine-grained set of permissions.


Optional module integrations


v2.0 was last released and allow other modules to add their conditions to certificates. v2.1-2.2 were bugfix releases.

v2.3 has a lot more hooks, so other modules can be notified when a certificate is awarded.


This module is sponsored by the Norwegian Centre for integrated care and Telemedicine.

Other info

There is a Norwegian (bokmål) translation available.

The author hangs out in #drupal-edu on IRC.

A D7 port is in the works, courtesy of Amendor. :)

Project information