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Celju is a two column theme with multiple footer regions.

I welcome anyone wishing to use, play with, or help improve this theme.

Block placement in footer section can be setup as follows:

  • 1/3 column left | 1/3 column middle | 1/3 column right
  • 2/3 column left | 1/3 column right or 1/3 column left | 2/3 column right

This theme is currently a work-in-progress.
I hope that by creating a release others may find it useful and can help fix bugs and add features.

To do:

  • Search box - this release does not have a search box region
  • Clean up the footer block region config previews; pretty confusing
  • Primary link tabs need some love - text resize issues
  • Theme footer blocks instead of regions/columns - create styles for the individual blocks
  • Color module support

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