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Celadon is a port of an elegant, two-column theme originally developed for WordPress by Themes Boutique. It is particularly appropriate for personal sites and/or blogs. The package includes source PSD files for customizing the logo and header.

Celadon is a subtheme of Fusion. Fusion must be added to your themes folder and enabled before using Celadon. CSS customizations and overrides should be added to local.css to ensure a smooth upgrade path. You can rename local-sample.css found in the css folder to activate this file.

You will also need to install the Skinr module. Celadon includes six Skinr classes for adding color backgrounds to your sidebar blocks. These can be selected via the admin UI. Available colors: none (default), blue, green, red, orange, purple, and black.

** Status (2009-11-24) **

A development snapshot is now available for testing purposes. The theme is mostly finished, but there are still a few refinements and new features in the works. Also, because of its dependency on Fusion, an official release will coincide with the stable release of the Fusion project (currently in beta).

Drupal port provided by Sandian Studio.

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