This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

CD Deploy is a Webserver for Drupal that runs from a CD/DVD media on Microsoft Windows 9x/ME/XP and Vista.


In order to run a Drupal site you basically need:
- Web Server
- Database Server

CD Deploy does a "pack" of all the stuff needed, copying it into a folder called "app" which you can then burn to a CD/DVD. How does such pack is build? Well, it uses two technologies:
- make
- Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS)

"make" is a powerful command which executes instructions from a Makefile, and NSIS is powerful scripting system to create installer executables able to run in MS Windows 9x, ME, XP and Vista.

3rd-party Software

Part of the Magic is done thanks to:
- The Uniform Server
- Info Zip

The Makefile in folder "lib" contains commands to download and prepare 3rd-party software above.

Operating System

The recommended Operating System for using CD Deploy is Linux. Just notice that your site will run in MS Windows only.

Not a module

CD Deploy is NOT a module, but a couple of helper scripts to deploy your Drupal site in a single CD/DVD.

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