This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

CCK Slideshow is a simple module which takes several existing pieces of Drupal modules and makes a slideshow from any existing imagefield defined in CCK.

- Imagefield
- Imagecache
- jQuery_interface

The heart of CCK Slideshow is a content formatter. Formatters provide various ways of displaying field information in CCK. These formatters are used in two places in particular: the CCK display settings and in a view (provided by the views.module).

This project is no longer maintained

The issue queue has been closed and I anticipate removing the project page. This module was developed for a specific purpose and probably should have remained as a custom module for our purposes. It's unlikely to be maintained in Drupal 6 because I'd prefer to use Views Slideshow which supersets all the features of this module.


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