This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides a CCK widget for the CCK text module. The widget displays 2 fields instead of 1. The values of the two fields will be merged to value1|value2 where value1 must be numeric and value2 must not be empty.
If you use this widget for a multiple field the final list of values will look equal to the allowed values format of the CCK Number and CCK text fields. E.g.:

10|First value
30|Second value
80|Third value

(If you used this example for your allowed values of an integer field First value would be visible to the user and 10 would be saved to the database)

Casecode table was designed for the projectweb feature for Open Atrium. There the saved values are used for the task status of a specific project (the status options are unique for each project).

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