This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

CASAA is a framework that allows admins to group systems such as Omniture Site Catalyst, Google Analytics, Yahoo APT, and other such services, and manage them from a single interface.

Through the interface, mappings, or tags as some refer to them, can be created across the site using URL paths or taxonomy terms to place specific values over content, sections, and other areas of the site.

With the developer's API, developers can easily create new plug-ins for the framework to support any service you wish.

What's new in 2.x:

  • Integration with CTools, providing a faster more intuitive interface.
  • Integration with the Domain Access module to allow managing services for multiple domains easier.
  • Performance tweaks to keep the system running fast so that users still get to their content fast and you get your data.
  • Plug-in registry system allows plug-ins to be installed and supported as external modules.

What's coming for 2.x:

  • Advanced help docs to help admins on the go.
  • and more...

2.x-Alpha release notes:
For current users:

  • existing plug-ins for 1.x are not supported and an upgrade to the 2.x compatible version will be required (data will not be lost, though!)
  • as upgrade paths have not been fully completed, upgrading is not recommended until the BETA release soon to come. The ALPHA release is only recommended for new users and developers.
  • currently, the only plug-in that has been converted is the plug-in for Yahoo! APT. It can be retrieved from my sandbox: Yahoo APT Others will be release soon though I'm highly encouraging developers to code and release their own versions of the plug-ins they use. This is a community after all. :)

The module is currently being utilized across 13 major daily newspapers across the country to manage advertising campaigns and content tracking.

The 7.x version is currently being ported from 6.x. A dev snapshot is available but, not all elements have been ported and it is not up to full functionality, yet and is not recommended for use in production.

Developers may feel free to clone and submit patches. Otherwise feel free to check the commits for progress updates.

Development for this module was sponsored in part by: Morris Digitalworks

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