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CAPTCHA Pack examples

The CAPTCHA Pack module contains several CAPTCHA types for use with the CAPTCHA module. The CAPTCHA Pack module is meant to provide lightweight, yet effective alternatives for the traditional image CAPTCHA, which is undesirable in certain situation (e.g. bandwidth restrictions, cpu restrictions, accessibility constraints, etc).

CAPTCHA Pack requires CAPTCHA module version 5.x-3.0 (or higher).

Currently, the CAPTCHA Pack module contains the following challenges:

  • A highly configurable math CAPTCHA, with challenges like "two plus three equals ?" or "2 * ? = 6"
  • Text based CAPTCHAs:
    • Lost character CAPTCHA: the user has to enter the lost character(s) from a given word, e.g. "yeste_day" or "temp_ratu_e".
    • Phrase CAPTCHA: the user has to pick the right word from a captcha phrase
    • Unrelated word CAPTCHA: the user has to select the word that does not belong to a list, e.g. "blue green cat red".
  • CSS CAPTCHA. With CSS-tricks it is possible to change the order of elements when rendered with a CSS capable browser. The CSS CAPTCHA uses this to create a code which is scrambled in the markup with CSS but readable in a CSS capable browser.
  • ASCII art CAPTCHA: a random character code is presented in ASCII art style
  • Random CAPTCHA type: this is a "meta" CAPTCHA type that picks a random CAPTCHA type from enabled types.
  • Foo CAPTCHA: a rather useless example CAPTCHA implementation, where the user is required to enter "foo" in a textfield.

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