Campaignion is project that allows you to do ecampaigning and online fundraising out of the box.

Campaignion website

It consists of several submodules that help you manage your campaign content, forms, create donation pages, as well as tag and segment your supporters. Then it interfaces with e.g. email service providers like Mailchimp or CleverReach or other web applications.

Campaignion heavily uses an object oriented approach much of it's functionality comes from classes that are automatically loaded via psr0.

Related projects

  • using campaignion_starterkit will get you started quickly with Campaignion as it predefines a set of sensitive defaults such as e.g. a Donation content type
  • Campaignion uses RedHen as a CRM backend. It mainly uses its redhen_contact module however relies on its own campaignion_activity module to track activities

Open Source alternative

Campaignion can be described as open source alternative to proprietary tools like

  • Salsa Labs
  • Blue State Digital Tools
  • Convio

Campaignion is a Drupal distribution for eCampaignign and Online Fundraising developed by more onion

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developed this module.

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