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The purpose of this module is displaying a tooltip / popup / balloon when you hover over a day on a calendar block. This tooltip would contain a list of events occurring on that day.

Normally you would need to override theme functions and write custom PHP code to accomplish this task. I have written a guide for that on my site:

This module however saves you the trouble.

It started its life in this thread: ("Calendar popup for calendar block")


This module requires the Calendar, Date, CCK, and Views modules. It also depends on the Beautytips module for actually drawing the tooltip.

The Calendar Tooltip module is merely an interface between the Calendar and the Beautytips modules.


The configuration steps below are optional.

You can change which event fields are displayed in the fields section of the block view settings of the calendar view. Go to the calendar view, choose the "Block view" display, and check out the "Fields" section.

On the configuration page of this module you can specify when the tooltip closes. By default it closes when the mouse cursor moves away from the date. However, you may also choose for a click-to-close strategy, or use a timer.

The appearance of the tooltip may be changed on the configuration page of Beautytips.

Known issues

Here is a short list of known issues and workarounds.

  • balloon gets cut off; only a part is visible.
    The problem is probably a CSS "overflow:hidden" setting in your theme. If your theme is based on Fusion, you can override this setting by enabling "Vertical menu (for sidebar blocks)" in the block settings of your calendar block. It's under section "Superfish menu styles". See also this issue:
  • balloon does not always appear when the calendar block is on the right sidebar.
    In one of the jQuery plugins Beautytips uses there is a bug that gets triggered in some themes when the balloon is near the right window edge. See for a quick workaround.


If you have any questions or remarks, or if you would like to report a bug, you can do so here.

I hope this module is useful for you.

Ronald Baljeu

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