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In Drupal 8 core Page Cache max age settings are applied globally to all pages, and there is no way to set a different max age per page or leverage cache metadata max-age to override Cache-Control max-age value. This means that if you're hosting your website behind a reverse proxy that honors Cache-Control header, all pages are cached with equal TTL. You can either disable cache with response policies, or cache it for the same global value.

This module is intended to solve that problem by leveraging cacheability metadata bubbled up to the page response level to override Cache-Control max-age parameter.

1. Enable the module
2. Profit, it just works, no configuration needed

Why this is not resolved in Drupal Core?
This could end up in core soon, but adding it in core now might break backwards compatibility. The work is done in those 2 issues:
Basically when those end up in core, this module will become obsolete unless it can find a different problem space

There are no plans yet to extend the configurability of the module in other ways, but suggestions are welcome in issue queue!

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