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Eases the burden of calculating the dimensions required for crafting European style (no face frame) cabinet boxes and doors. Displays a summary of necessary materials, with cut list and sheet layout.

The sheet layout is calculated with a modified 2D bin packing algorithm, taken from []( as an example. The base algorithm used is the **SHELF-FF**, with a modification that considers cabinet doors look best with a vertical grain orientation.

The above algorithm was chosen with the intent of producing sheet layouts that eased the burden of cutting the sheets with a track (circular) saw. A 'shelf' layout provides straight lines that are easy to break down quickly, while minimizing human error.

If you are planning to adapt this to set up a cut list (and toolpath) for a CNC machine, this changes the layout consideration significantly. Guillotine based algorithms [1](, [2]( are significantly more efficient and should be considered, since there is limited human involvement. If you do adapt this, please let me know / contribute!

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