given a node content type X that has many fields and a new requirement of creating a node content type Y that has the same fields,
then this module allows you to clone all X's fields into Y and saves time of manually creating them using field UI .

same applies to all other entities and bundles that exists in the site .

the module operates under path admin/structure/bundle_clone

version 7.x-1.3 introduces the ability to update type Y display settings for certain view mode in accordance to type X configuration .
notice the tabs under admin/structure/bundle_clone

version 7.x-1.4 introduces the ability to select which fields to clone, and if fields exist in target bundle then target configuration is updated.

version 7.x-1.42 allows selecting multiple target bundles.
(made a mistake with release numbering, so 1.41 is not 4[minor = 1] but actually 41, so to create new release had to continue to 1.42 )

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