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What this module does:

With Bulk Media Upload you can upload a bunch of files and a new node, taxonomy term, or other entity will be created for every file. The files are selected via a browser file upload dialog and can be stored in a file or image field.
Also default values can be chosen for the other fields assigned to the new node.

This module is looking for a new maintainer.


  • Supported Fields: Image, File
  • Integration of plupload for file-uploads (Works in almost every browser and device!)
  • Batch entity creation (Fill out one form, the batch process will do the rest)
  • Overview page for generated nodes (Mostly like admin/content/node)
  • Pathalias integration (Settings for a node type will be used)
  • Choose default values (The other fields assigned to the selected bundle (node type, taxonomy vocabulary) will be displayed with the selected widgets and you may add some default values)
  • Tokens integration for titles (Choose from user, node, file, date and many more tokens)


Other modules for bulk uploading files can be found here:

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