This module is deprecated in favor of Mozilla Persona.

Provides integration with Mozilla Persona (formerly known as BrowserID) – a system that lets users of your site log in easily and quickly without needing to remember a password specific to your site. Check out Mozilla's introduction to BrowserID and How BrowserID differs from OpenID for a deeper explanation of how it works.

This module depends on Session API.

From a Drupal perspective, this module provides a block with a BrowserID Sign-in button as well as optionally adds the button to the normal user login form. Administrators can choose which color button they want to use at admin/people/browserid. It's basically plug-n-play, just make sure you give anonymous users the "Log in using BrowserID" permission.

If you try to log in with an email address that is not registered on the site, you get redirected to the registration form with your email address already set. If you log in with an email address that is registered, you will be back on the same page after logging in.

Brought to you within 24 hours of the BrowserID announcement.

This module is not affiliated with Mozilla.

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