This module allows tournament brackets to be created and managed on a Drupal site. The module establishes a new node type - bracket - when installed on a Drupal site.

Several different bracket layouts have been implemented, including - single elimination, double elimination, and modified double elimination. The design of the module allows for other designs to be added without changing the base module code. Many options have been builtin to the module to allow for the manipulation of brackets - including cloning, importing, and exporting.

To allow for image creation, this module includes a distribution of the Liberation fonts - available from

To allow for PDF creation, this module also includes a distribution of the FPDF library - available from

At this time, the only output option available is an image with a PDF download. An HTML output option is in the works and should be available soon.

The documentation for the module will also be available shortly. In the mean time:

  • To create a bracket, Create Content, Bracket, give it a title and pick one of the designs.
  • You should see the frame of the bracket - a pdf is also available via the print link
  • To enter competitors, edit the node, and goto Seeding, or Rounds, Round 1
  • To advance competitors, check the Winner box and submit
  • A example bracket for import is available here - create a 64-competitor bracket and Import


  • Bracket API - Done - API Documentation
  • HTML Output - In Beta
  • Node and/or User referenced competitors
  • Module Documentation

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