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Box_grey is intended to be relatively easy to modify for those that aren't competent in css positioning. It uses a hybrid CSS/table based layout designed to be fairly robust with different sizes of content and has a neutral grey colour scheme.

Currently box_grey is packaged with one theme stylevariation called box_cleanslate.

October 2008 update

The first release for Drupal-6 has been made available, see the release notes for a list of significant changes.


Box_grey uses the XHTML 1.0 transitional doctype (to allow for site users to post non-strict content). It has a standard three column layout using a table for the central three columns with a header above the table and a footer below. This reduces accessibility and adds a little code bloat but has certain advantages:

  • The content columns won't overlap if a user inserts wide content.
  • The content appears in the template (page.tpl.php) in the order it appears on the page.
  • You can add any sized logo image, the header should expand to fit.

Known Problems

- Places calendar block right margin a few pixels outside the viewport.
- Gets the padding/margin on menu elements a little wrong, but not unusably so.

- Has some problems with user pictures enabled, it may (somewhat randomly) increase the left margin on the node content text to match the right margin of the picture.
- Doesn't honour the styles for links with class="active", these should be pale grey.

- Fixed width content like the form textareas in the central column can make the sidebars shrink if the browser window is narrow. Again, this looks a little odd but remains perfectly useable.

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