Drupal integration for the excellent Bootstrap Tour library.


  • Add and configure multiple site tours, each with multiple steps
  • Tours can span multiple pages seamlessly
  • Each step has GUI a configurable popup title, popup body, placement relative to the element, CSS selector to target the element, and path
  • Leave the CSS selector out to show steps as a modal centered on the page
  • Popup content accepts filtered/formatted text so you can add HTML and use a WYSIWYG if you'd like
  • Back/Forward/End Tour buttons on each step of the tour
  • Tours can auto-run the first time the user hits the specified path or they can be run manually in code
  • You can also force a tour to run by linking whatever the first step's path is with ?tour=tourname added to the URL.
  • Features integration


  1. You'll first want to make sure that you're including the following Bootstrap assets in one way or another (usually they'll come with your theme if using a Bootstrap based theme):
    • bootstrap.css
    • bootstrap.tooltip.js
    • bootstrap.popover.js
  2. Download and enable this module.
  3. Head to /admin/structure/tours/add to create a new tour. You can set it to auto-run or you can run it manually in your code by running bootstrap_tour_run_tour($tourname) wherever you want. Or, just link to /path/of/first/step?tour=tourname
  4. Optional: If you want to host the library yourself rather than using CDNJS, you can do this manually by extracting this zip file to sites/all/libraries/bootstrap_tour, or by adding something like this to your drush make file:
    ; Bootstrap Tour
    libraries[bootstrap_tour][download][type] = get
    libraries[bootstrap_tour][download][url] = https://github.com/sorich87/bootstrap-tour/archive/v0.5.0.zip
    libraries[bootstrap_tour][destination] = libraries
    libraries[bootstrap_tour][directory_name] = bootstrap_tour

About the 2.x branch

The 2.x branch converts tour steps into entities allowing steps to be re-ordered, removed, edited. The non-entity 1.x branch is no longer supported.

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