This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Boots is a set of themes based on Twitter Bootstrap:

  • boots_core: Changes Drupal markup to match Bootstrap’s
  • boots_grid: Sub-themes boots_core and implements the Bootstrap fluid grid
  • bootstrap: Sub-themes boots_grid and adds the Bootstrap CSS.

Note that boots_code and boots_grid add no styling, their goal is to align Drupal generated markup with Bootstrap’s. You’d use one of these themes if you like Bootstrap’s markup and would like to be free to theme your site. You can always import Bootstrap CSS into these themes from the lib directory, where there’s a clean checkout of Twitter’s Bootstrap.

If you’re after the look & feel of Bootstrap and are looking to make minor tweaks, then the bootstrap is for you.

Finally, these themes were built for use with Tiles. Tiles is a very light and simple, yet powerful, approach to page layouts.

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