This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

screenshot of default Boomerang view showing available statistics

This project is a wrapper for Boomerang, a Javascript program which "measures the performance of your website from your end user's point of view." The statistics gathered include:

  • Round trip time of the page ("t_done")
  • User's measured bandwidth in bytes per second ("bw")
  • User's measured HTTP latency in milliseconds ("lat")
  • etc.

This project consists of two modules, Boomerang and Boomerang Beacon. The Boomerang module adds Javascript to pages to send statistics to the beacon. The Boomerang Beacon module collects and stores the data. The modules are designed to be autonomous, so they can be run on separate sites. The Beacon is designed to be general purpose, so it can collect data regardless of where the "boomerangs" are coming from.

Thanks to the Exceptional Performance team at Yahoo! for releasing the Boomerang script which this module is created around.


The Views module is optional but it must be enabled to access the default view which is included with the Boomerang Beacon for displaying the collected data. The Views Calc module can also be useful for performing calculations on the collected data.

Additional Info

The module is still in development and I'd welcome input, suggestions, and patches. Some additional features I'm interested in including are:

  • adding an interface for customizing the tests
  • protecting the beacon with a nonce, similar to Drupal's Form API tokens
  • randomized testing
  • integrating with the Mongodb module for storing data

Project information