This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Enables your users to place a bet on virtually anything; you decide which bets you offer. After the outcome of the bet offer is published, the module automatically calculates the amount of points each user gets.


  • Node based, integrates well with Drupal
    A bet is constructed as a node, so you can use all node-related goodies such as comments, URL path setting, authoring information, revisions, or taxonomy.
  • Secure code
    The module is carefully designed to avoid possible XSS attacks or SQL injections.
  • Fully themeable
    The looks of bets will fit into your website theme without further tweaking.
  • True cross database support
    Every SQL statement conforms to the Core SQL-99 standard. Therefore, this module is compatible with every database that supports that standard, including (but not limited to) MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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