Bluez Theme

Bluez is a drupal based corporate look 960px fixed width theme. The theme is not dependent on any core theme. Its very light weight for fast loading with modern look.

It covers,
- Simple and clean design
- Fixed width (960px), 2 Column Layout
- Drupal standards compliant
- CSS based Multi-level drop-down menus
- Custom and configurable JS Slideshow
- Customized templates includes configurable Welcome, Promoted blocks
- Use of Google Web Fonts

Bluez Theme Settings

Following configuration options are available at theme settings page.
(appearance -> Settings for Bluez theme)

1. Breadcrumb : Display On/Off
2. Slideshow : Display On/Off,
Title, Description, Image configurations (Front Page only)
3. Social Icon : Display On/Off, URL configurations
4. Welcome Text : Display On/Off,
Title & Description configuration (Front Page only)
5. Promoted blocks : Title,
Description for three column block (Front Page only)
6. Footer Options : Display On/Off Copyrights and Developed By Information

Drop-Down-Menu Support
To Enable drop-down menu,
Select "Show as expanded" from menu items's setting

New Feature Support (TO DO)
Following 2 features are currently under development mode and will be available for release soon.

- Responsive Theme
- Drupal 8 Support

Project information