Provides a plugin for BlogSpam for Drupal.

What is BlogSpam

From the blogspam site:

This blogspam service offers a simple interface which allows you to test whether a submitted blog or forum comment is spam or not.

BlogSpam provides a central location where comments can be checked for various spam indicators.

Checks available

The BlogSpam service makes use of a plugin architecture to provide checking. If you are running your own blogspam server then the plugin list may vary. At present the following plugins are available (and running on the public BlogSpam server at


Is the given IP blacklisted?


Is the given IP whitelisted?


Block a comment if the IP address it has been submitted from has
been locally blacklisted.

The local blacklist is read from /etc/blogspam/badips and each
line is assumed to be a Class C address.


Is this an internal IP? That might be fine for local use,
but in the real world such IPs are not going to be seen and
can be safely marked as spam.


Test whether the IP address submitting the comment is listed
in the DNS RBL


This plugin is a simple test one - if a comment mentions the
IP address it is coming from in the subject along with the key
then we'll always report it as spam.


Perform some simple tests on the submitted email address.


Block if we find more than a given number of links in message.

The default is 10 links, but this may be changed by the caller.


If we've got an email address make sure that the domain :

a. Has an MX record.


Test whether the IP address submitting the comment is listed
in the database.


Is the given post too large, or too small?


Block if we find some particular stop-words in the body of the message.


Lookup each URL in the body of the comment and test against


Block posts that are only a few words long.

Drupal plugin

This plugin simply passes the comment and other useful information (e-mail if provided, subject if provided, IP address of the submitter etc) to the blogspam service. Some options are configurable (number of URLs for the lotsaurls plugin, min/max size and min number of words) and other options may be added.

Project information

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