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BlockTerm lets you specify taxonomy terms to show this block on. When you visit a page where the node is tagged with one of these terms, the block will show, otherwise it won't.

Note: This is built it a not-ideal way combining the theming layer and the module layer. This is only necessary because Drupal 5 doesn't support any clean way to do it. The D6 version (will be out soon) will use to do it properly. Stay tuned


  1. Enable the module
  2. add the following to [yourtheme]_block($block) in template.php:
    if (module_exists('blockterm')) {
      if (!blockterm_can_show($block) ) {
    return phptemplate_block($block);


  1. Edit any Block, open up the fieldset for Block Taxonomy, select some terms
  2. add *node/* to the list of allowed URLs (else this module will do nothing)
  3. Save it and try it out!

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