Have you ever wanted to place a block on a node page easily? That's what blocker is designed to do.

While this is possible from the blocks admin page we needed a easy way for non-technical users to be able to place the blocks. Thats why we created blocker. It allows placing blocks in a region on a specific page as opposed to site wide. Simply go to the node page and click the "Manage Blocks" tab. Then add blocks to whatever region you want them in. This only applies for the current node. Blocker currently only works with node but we are hoping on adding other entities in the near future.

In the admin configuration page you can limit which regions and which blocks show up.

Be sure to enable both the blocker and the blocker_ui module. The UI for adding blocks to pages is changeable and in the future we are also hoping to add some drag and drop functionality and any help with this would be much appreciated.

Upcoming Features

  • Other entity support
  • More configurable permissions
  • Drag and Drop placement

Any help is much appreciated.


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