Block Refresh allows an administrator to configure a block to refresh it's content via 3 different methods: automatically via a timer (eg every 30 seconds) , manually via a 'refresh' link, and once on page load.

Block Refresh uses jQuery/AJAX so the refresh happens "behind-the-scenes".

Block refresh can be handy to serve fresh content in certain blocks on otherwise cached pages. You can opt to bypass drupal's cache for the refresh callbacks for each block.

Current Features:

- Automatically refresh a block in a set number of seconds (configurable per block)
- Allow site visitor to manually refresh block (configurable per block)
- Option to refresh a block on page load.
- Options to bypass drupal's page cache and any external cache

Known Issues

Note this module is incompatible with the Global Redirect module's "Taxonomy Term Handling". Be sure to disable this feature in Global Redirect's config if you use the two modules together.

Current Release

7.x-2.x - This release includes Panels support, and should be compatible with Zen and other modern themes.


To use, install Block Refresh as other normal modules. Once installed go to admin/build/block (admin/structure/block in Drupal 7) and click "configure" on the block you want to setup to refresh. There will be a section for Block Refresh. Select the options you would like and click "Save Block". Your block should now be ready to Refresh!
Be sure to set appropriate permissions at admin/user/permissions (admin/people/permissions in Drupal 7)

Please submit any issues in the issues queue.

Thanks to aaron for his work in getting this module started!

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