Extends the Block Class module to incorporate styles (or themes) rather than css classes. Adds style-based tpl suggestions. Allows HTML in your block titles.

If you have a dependency on this module and you need a Drupal 8 version, please let me know by commenting on (or creating) the issue called “Drupal 8 Port”. I will prioritize those modules that have the most votes for Drupal 8 first over others.



  1. Are one or more classes with a given Style/Display Name
  2. Are defined by admins
  3. Are used by content managers
  4. Allow separation of css classes from semantic or logical style names
  5. Generate style-based block template suggestions for themers
  6. Are assigned to blocks either singularly or in multiple (based on settings)

When you assign a style to a block...

  1. It's tpl receives the classes of that style as $block_classes (See Block Class for more info.)
  2. The theme engine checks for a block template for that specific style

Additional features...

  1. Allows the ability to set a global text format for custom block titles; this allows you to now have HTML in your custom block titles. Yes, you can now have block titles that contain HTML markup!


Requires the Block Class module


  • block_class_styles_info()
  • block_class_styles_info_alter()

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